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35 Years, 7 Generations
& Still Keeping an Eye on the Future!


This family-line has produced 3 National Champions, and has provided a solid back-bone for Puttergill Holsteins over the past 3 decades!
Ivy’s accolades down her leg of the family tree are somewhat more pronounced than her twin (Iris).  She produced the 2003 SA Holstein National Champion, Puttergill Juror Justine 97.34 and more recently, the 2018 SA Holstein National Champion, Puttergill Damion Iona 12077.
Iris should however not go unnoticed, as her leg of the family tree produced the 2012 SA National Champion, Puttergill Final Lisa 756 (owned & shown by Kevin Lang at the time, who had purchased Lisa from Puttergill Farming when she was in her 2nd lactation).

Almost not to be…
Puttergill Thornwood Ivy 89.12, was put on offer at the Eastcape Holstein Club sale in Humansdorp in 1991.  The top bid of R4,000 was turned down and Ivy returned to Bluegums, where she went on to produce 8 females for the Puttergills in her productive life.

Two of Ivy’s daughters feature prominently on the family tree, namely Puttergill Camaro Ida 91.55 and Puttergill Fancy Iona 94.68.

Puttergill Camaro Ida 91.55
Ida produced 3 females.  
The middle daughter Puttergill Imprint Izzie 94.67 is considered to be the “rock” of this line of the family.  
She produced 82,445kg of milk in 7 lactations, had both an Udder & Final score of 92, and produced 10 females & 4 bulls for the Puttergills.  
Her 1st calf, Puttergill Juror Justine 97.34 was crowned the 2003 SA Holstein National Champion.
Justine produced 57,657kg of milk in 4 lactations, had scores of 91 for Udder & 94 Final, and she produced 4 females and 6 bulls.  She died of natural causes at 11 years of age.
The most notable of Justine’s off-spring are Puttergill Morty Julia 03.29 who produced 96,980kg of milk in 5 lactations, and Puttergill Wizard Justice 05.08 who was voted the 2010 SA Bull of the Year.

Puttergill Fancy Iona 94.68
Iona’s line of the family has brought about the more recent accolades.  
Iona produced 8 females & 4 bulls, and died at age 13.  
Two of her daughters to make mention of are Puttergill Jeff Julie 02.48  and  Puttergill Juror Jennifer 97.32.
Julie 02.48 is the Great Great Grandmother of Puttergill Damion Iona 12077, the 2018 SA Holstein National Champion and 2016 SA Holstein Reserve Young Cow Champion.
Jennifer 97.32 is the Mother of Puttergill Ice Jolly 03.35, the 2006 SA Holstein National Young Cow Champion and 2008 SA Holstein Reserve Grand Champion.

This family of cows has stood the test of time and truly embodies the philosophy of Puttergill Farming.
Longevity, Type, Lots of Milk … Great in both their Show Clothes and Overalls! 

Puttergill Morty Julia 03.29, Puttergill Juror Justine 97.34 & Puttergill Juror Iris 98.34

Puttergill Juror Justine 97.34

Puttergill Morty Julia 03.29

Puttergill Ice Jolly 03.35

Puttergill Damion Iona 12077

Puttergill Ice Jolly 03.35 & Puttergill Morty Julia 03.29

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