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Cows and Heifers

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Puttergill Racer 14066 – SOLD!!

DOB:  24.12.2014
Canonball x Caroline
– Interbreed Champion at the 2018 George Show and performed well at ALFA 2018
– Senior Champion Bull at the 2019 Bloemfontein Show
– This bull has great length, depth & width, and is extremely strong over his topline.

Puttergill Rex 16018 – SOLD!!

DOB:  22.08.2016
Roger x Pringle
– His Dam is a solid cow with a great-looking udder (perfect teat length)
– Both his Dam & Grand Dam have excellent ICP’s

Puttergill Pride 17064 – SOLD!!

DOB:  24.09.2017
Roger x Pringle
– Polled
– Dam has an ICP of 363d after 4 calves
– Medium-stature bull
– Good length and well-muscled

Puttergill Sable 17019 – SOLD!!

DOB:  20.05.2017
Lego x WDW080082
– Polled
– Full Blood
– Small calves
– Lots of width in hindquarters and well-muscled.

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